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Description: transcriptional regulator of the ArgR family, AhrC represses the genes for arginine biosynthesis and activates the genes for arginine catabolism.

Name: ahrC
Locus: BSU24250BsubCyc
pI: 5.0
MW: 16.0 kDa
Protein length: 149 aaBLASTSequence
Gene length: 447 bpBLASTSequenceSequence + Flanks
Function: transcriptional regulator of arginine metabolic genes
Product: transcriptional regulator (ArgR family)
Essential: no
E.C. number:
Synonyms: argR
Databases: SubtiListKEGGUniProtExpression data browser

Categories containing this gene/protein

biosynthesis/ acquisition of amino acids, glutamate metabolism, utilization of amino acids, transcription factors and their control

This gene is a member of the following regulons

SR1 regulon

The AhrC regulon


  • Coordinates on the chromosome (coding sequence): 2,522,324 -> 2,522,773
  • The protein

    Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity

  • transcriptional activator/ repressor of genes involved in arginine metabolism
  • Protein family

  • ArgR family
  • Paralogous protein(s)

    Kinetic information




  • L-arginine is the co-factor required for transcription repression/ activation
  • Effectors of protein activity


  • 2P5M (C-Terminus), 2P5K (complex with an 18bp DNA operator), 2P5L (N-terminus), 1F9N, NCBI PubMed,N-Terminus NCBI, C-Terminus NCBI, complex with an 18bp DNA operator NCBI
  • Localization

  • Cytoplasm
  • Interactions

    Additional information

    Expression and Regulation


  • ahrC-recN PubMed
  • Sigma factor


  • by sRNA sr1
  • Regulatory mechanism

  • inhibtion of translation upon binding of sr1 to the ahrC mRNA PubMed
  • Additional information

  • expression is fourfold increased upon depletion of nusA Reference
  • Biological materials


  • GP729 (aphA3), available in Stülke lab
  • GP2185 (ahrC::ermC), available in Jörg Stülke's lab
  • Expression vector

    lacZ fusion

    GFP fusion

    two-hybrid system

    FLAG-tag construct


    Labs working on this gene/protein

  • Simon Phillips, Leeds University, UK Homepage
  • Michel Debarbouille, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France Homepage
  • References

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    Mol Microbiol. 1992 Jan;6(2):267-75. PubMed PMID: 1312212.
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