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Categories containing this gene/protein

transcription, sigma factors and their control

This gene is a member of the following regulons

CcpA regulon

The SigL regulon

Transcription factors activating transcription at SigL-dependent promoters


  • Coordinates on the chromosome (coding sequence): 3,512,498 -> 3,513,808
  • Phenotypes of a mutant

  • The mutant is cold-sensitive and unable to use arginine as a single carbon source. PubMed
  • The protein

    Catalyzed reaction/ biological activity

  • Binding to promoters of the -12, -24 type
  • Protein family

  • sigma-54 factor family (according to Swiss-Prot) sigma-54 factor family
  • Paralogous protein(s)

    Kinetic information


  • DNA binding domain (H-T-H motif) (324–343)
  • pron box domain (413–421)
  • 3 x Compositional bias domain (6–21),(32–53),(112–136)
  • Modification


    Effectors of protein activity


  • 5BYH (E. coli RNA polymerase containing Sigma-54) PubMed
  • Localization


  • SigL-(RpoB-RpoC-RpoA) PubMed
  • SigL-AcoR, SigL-RocR, SigL-LevR, SigL-BkdR, SigL-YplP,
  • Additional information

  • Transcription initiation by SigL-containing RNA polymerase requires the activity of ATP-hydrolyzing transcription activators.
  • Expression and Regulation


  • sigL (according to DBTBS)
  • Sigma factor


  • repressed by glucose (CcpA) PubMed
  • Regulatory mechanism

  • CcpA: transcription repression, transcriptional roadblock PubMed
  • Additional information

    Biological materials


  • GP146 ( sigL::spc), available in Jörg Stülke's lab PubMed
  • GP2302 ( sigL::tet), available in Jörg Stülke's lab
  • 1A914 ( sigL::kan), PubMed, available at BGSC
  • Expression vector

    lacZ fusion

    GFP fusion

    two-hybrid system

    FLAG-tag construct


    Labs working on this gene/protein

  • Michel Debarbouille, Pasteur Institute, Paris, France Homepage
  • References


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    Original publications

    Yang Y, Darbari VC, Zhang N, Lu D, Glyde R, Wang YP, Winkelman JT, Gourse RL, Murakami KS, Buck M, Zhang X


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