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metS→yabD operon
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metS→yabD operon


regulatory mechanism

  • [protein|2C54FE2ADC82FF414D732018C90649D477A925AD|Spo0A]: repression, [pubmed|14651647], in [regulon|2C54FE2ADC82FF414D732018C90649D477A925AD|Spo0A regulon]
  • regulation

  • repressed under conditions that trigger sporulation ([SW|Spo0A]) [Pubmed|14651647]
  • additional information

  • term-seq has identified a potential novel regulatory RNA element including an intrinsic transcription terminator upstream of [gene|DCBDD135F295B04FE7C7EB92E94638701CB320DD|metS] [Pubmed|27120414]