Metabolism of signalling nucleotides

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ppGpp synthesis and degradation

c-di-AMP synthesis

Control of c-di-AMP synthesis

Note that c-di-AMP is essential for the growth of B. subtilis, but accumulation of the nucleotide is detrimental as well PubMed

c-di-AMP degradation

Protein potentially involved in c-di-GMP metabolism and signalling

Proteins containing a GGDEF domain (potential diguanylate cyclases)

  • DgcK, has cyclase activity
  • DgcW, has cyclase activity, contains both a GGDEF and an EAL domain
  • DgcP, has cyclase activity
  • YdaK, no activity, degenerate GGDEF domain
  • GdpP, no diguanylate cyclase activity, is c-di-AMP specific phosphodiesterase (see above), degenerate GGDEF domain

Proteins containing an EAL domain (potential c-di-GMP phosphodiesterases)

  • PdeH, has phosphodiesterase activity
  • YkuI, no phosphodiesterase activity
  • DgcW, phosphodiesterase activity not demonstrated, contains both a GGDEF and an EAL domain

Targets of signalling nucleotides

  • c-di-GMP targets
    • DgrA (contains a PilZ domain)
  • other c-di-GMP-binding proteins

Important original publications

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Important reviews

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