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The enzyme responsible for transcription

  • As an important difference as compared to the E. coli enzyme, the B. subtilis RNA polymerase has a strong preference for G as first nucleotides in transcripts PubMed

Components of the RNA polymerase

Core subunits

Sigma factors

  • In addition to the housekeeping sigma factor, SigA, there are several other sigma factors with different promoter recognition specifiity that are active under specific conditions (such as stress or sporulation)

Small accessory subunits

  • RpoE: delta subunit
  • RpoY: epsilon subunit
  • YloH: omega subunit

Other interaction partners

Temporary interaction partners

  • Spx: transcription regulator, interacts with RpoA
  • MgsR: transcription regulator orthologous to Spx, interacts with RpoA
  • Btr: transcription activator PubMed
  • YlyA: modulates SigG-dependent transcription PubMed

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