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Overview of Bacillus subtilis sigma factors

  • SigA: household sigma factor
    (list of SigA controlled genes)
  • SigB: general stress sigma factor
  • SigD: sigma factor for chemotaxis and motility genes
  • SigE: early mother cell-specific sporulation sigma factor
  • SigF: early forespore-specific sporulation sigma factor
  • SigG: late forespore-specific sporulation sigma factor
  • SigH: sigma factor that controls genes of the transition phase
  • SigI:
  • SigK: late mother cell-specific sporulation sigma factor
  • SigL: enhancer-dependent sigma factor (Sigma-54 family)
  • SigM: ECF sigma factor, controls genes required at high salt concentrations
  • SigV: ECF sigma factor
  • SigW: ECF sigma factor, mediates the transcriptional response to cell wall stress PubMed
  • SigX: ECF sigma factor
  • SigY: ECF sigma factor
  • SigZ: ECF sigma factor
  • Xpf
  • YlaC
  • YvrI-YvrHa: (composite sigma factor)

Targets of ECF sigma factors

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