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Spore coat proteins

Class I

  • these proteins completly cover the membrane around the forespore
  • early localizing spore coat proteins

Class II

  • these proteins localize simultaneously with the class I proteins but begin to encase the spore only after engulfment is complete
  • early localizing spore coat proteins

Class III

  • these proteins localize simultaneously with the class I and class II proteins but start to encase the spore only after the appearance of phase dark spores (hr 4.5)
  • early localizing spore coat proteins

Class IV

  • late localizing spore coat proteins (only after completion of engulfment)
  • intermediate between classes III and V

Class V

  • late localizing spore coat proteins (only after completion of engulfment)
  • localize exclusively to phase dark spores
  • localize simultaneously to both poles of the spore

Class VI

  • late localizing spore coat proteins (only after completion of engulfment)
  • most delayed initial localization
  • localize excluseively to phase bright spores

not yet assigned

Important publications on the spore coat

Wishwas R Abhyankar, Kiki Kamphorst, Bhagyashree N Swarge, Henk van Veen, Nicole N van der Wel, Stanley Brul, Chris G de Koster, Leo J de Koning
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Spore coat protein/ based on similarity

Small acid-soluble spore proteins

Non-homologous end joining DNA repair

Utilization of specific carbon sources

Sporulation proteins/ other

Newly identified sporulation proteins (based on transcription profiling)

Important reviews

Jatin Narula, Masaya Fujita, Oleg A Igoshin
Functional requirements of cellular differentiation: lessons from Bacillus subtilis.
Curr. Opin. Microbiol.: 2016, 34;38-46
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Kelly A Fimlaid, Aimee Shen
Diverse mechanisms regulate sporulation sigma factor activity in the Firmicutes.
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Important original publications

Javier Lopez-Garrido, Nikola Ojkic, Kanika Khanna, Felix R Wagner, Elizabeth Villa, Robert G Endres, Kit Pogliano
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Cell: 2018, 172(4);758-770.e14
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Sonali Ghosh, George Korza, Mark Maciejewski, Peter Setlow
Analysis of metabolism in dormant spores of Bacillus species by 31P nuclear magnetic resonance analysis of low-molecular-weight compounds.
J. Bacteriol.: 2015, 197(5);992-1001
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Nikola Ojkic, Javier López-Garrido, Kit Pogliano, Robert G Endres
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J. Bacteriol.: 2011, 193(16);4075-80
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Important web site: SporeWeb

  • SporeWeb is a dynamic web-based platform describing all stages of sporulation in B. subtilis from a gene regulatory point of view. The website is intended for all microbial researches interested in bacterial sporulation and/or gene regulatory networks and contains useful information for both sporulation experts and non-experts.
  • You can find:
    • detailed review-like descriptions of all sporulation stages,
    • schematic representations of regulatory events during every stage,
    • links to specific regulators and their regulons,
    • access to detailed Excel sheets of all sporulation-specific regulons,
    • Cytoscape-generated layouts of regulon interactions during a specific stage,
    • a tool to generate your own Cytoscape interaction figure for specific genes of interest,
    • heat maps showing expression values of all sporulation genes during the sporulation cycle (derived from Nicolas et al., 2012),
    • direct links to other knowledge platforms, such as SubtiWiki,
    • an extensive list of references for further detailed information.
  • The website is self explanatory, but you can also take a quick look at the short introduction video.
  • Importantly, the website is database driven: it can (and will) be updated as new exciting insights become available in literature.

Robyn T Eijlander, Anne de Jong, Antonina O Krawczyk, Siger Holsappel, Oscar P Kuipers
SporeWeb: an interactive journey through the complete sporulation cycle of Bacillus subtilis.
Nucleic Acids Res.: 2014, 42(Database issue);D685-91
[PubMed:24170806] [WorldCat.org] [DOI] (I p)

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