Sven Halbedel

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Sven Halbedel

  • Institution: Robert Koch Institute
  • Position: Scientist
  • Contact: send mail
  • Homepage: [1]



Research Interests

  • DivIVA- and GpsB- like proteins
  • Penicillin binding proteins and peptidoglycan biosynthesis
  • Spatiotemporal coordination of bacterial cell division
  • Listeria virulence
  • Identification of Listeria monocytogenes virulence genes by whole genome sequencing of human isolates
  • Protein targeting to, in and across membranes
  • Minimal genomes

Open positions

  • Interested students from all levels of education are encouraged to ask for possibilities to join.
  • Currently (deadline 23.10.2016), we offer a position for a PhD student: [2]

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