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SubtiWiki is all about making a useful tool for the Bacillus community. It is thus very important to receive feedback on what the community needs.

We believe that there are many types of users, with different requirements. For example:

  • You could be a molecular biologist wanting to know the sequence of your gene of interest to make a PCR
  • You find a reference to a gene in a paper you are reading and are interested to know more about that gene
  • You have some hypotheses in mind and want to travel around the wiki, gathering some facts to get inspired
  • You have a piece of information that you need almost daily and want to make it available not only to you, but also your group or to the whole community

In all of these cases, you will need different kind of information. The way you want it to be presented would differ too.

The wish list below takes into consideration all the possible users. Please add your wishes on what you would like to see.

Wish list

  • Would it be possible to have a BLAST tool implemented in Subtiwiki?
  • Überarbeitung der rsmY-Seite, da fehlt fast alles
  • Extraseite: Liste der sigA kontrollierten Gene bearbeiten
  • The search should not be case sensitive
  • It should be possible to get DNA sequences from intergenic regions, not only 200 bp up- and downstream of the gene
  • For all fused and splitted genes, there should be a description of the fate (history of the annotation procedure). See for example YqbL
  • Eine Einteilung der Genprodukte in funktionelle Gruppe ähnlich denen in der alten SubtiList wäre schön.